Why sponsor a child in Africa?

Poverty robs children of the chance to grow up strong and healthy. Because many families struggle to grow enough food, children live in fear of hunger, and poverty denies children the opportunity of an education and the chance to discover their incredible value as a Child of God.

Sponsor a child today and you’ll give them hope and play a special part in their childhood by beginning a lasting friendship; and as you share your love and encouragement through letters and photos over the years, your child will begin to feel like part of your family. Together, you will be able to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and big milestones like finishing school. You’ll receive a special Welcome Pack, with a photo of the child you’re sponsoring and their story so far.

When children find out they’ve been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means much more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well.

How much does it cost?

For £15mth, you can sponsor a nursery or primary school child. For £20 a month, you can sponsor a secondary school child, and your sponsorship not only brings much needed change to one child, it also benefits their whole family because we work alongside local community members. When sponsorship begins, a social worker will collect data about the child from the school and the family, advise parents or care-givers on child rights, healthcare issues including HIV/AIDS, and will discuss economic empowerment to enable parents or care-givers to become self-reliant. This home visit helps other members of the family, builds healthy sustainable communities, and helps to strengthen cultural values and family ties.

What does my sponsored child receive?

The chance of an education (most school drop outs are due to school fee arrears), a school uniform and shoes, better nutrition because they will be included in any school food programmes, the opportunity to be nurtured by a local church community and a one-to-one relationship with you their only sponsor.

Every child deserves the chance to dream and look forward to a wonderful future. By becoming a sponsor, you’re helping to break the cycle of poverty for your sponsored child and their community.

How does the education system work? How do Kenyan last names work?

We have prepared a short information leaflet explaining how the education system works in Kenya, plus how children’s last names are formed. Click here to view the leaflet (PDF).

How long does my sponsorship last?

That is entirely up to you. If your circumstances change, you can stop at any time; all we ask is that you give us one month’s notice so that we can try to find a replacement sponsor.


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6