Feeding the hungry

The villages we visit consist mainly of peasant farmers who grow food to feed their families, but often, just before the next crop can be harvested, they have run out of food and face starvation. When this happens, we step in with a food distribution through the local church. To help reduce this situation, just before the main planting season, we provide fertiliser for poor, disabled and blind farmers who can’t afford it.

By helping to improve their harvest, we hope and pray that less adults and children go to sleep hungry in Kenya.

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Supporting schools

During eight missions in the last 11 years, we have visited 19 schools (5 secondary, 8 primary and 6 nursery schools), and all of these schools have needs. Some need more classrooms, others are struggling to maintain a school food programme, and many need repairs to floors and toilets. During visits, ALL schools receive learning materials and prayers, and we have repaired toilets, painted classrooms, helped a secondary school to fund a two-classroom extension and twice, provided football kits and footballs. Each year the number of children attending school increases, causing schools even more challenges.

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Spreading God’s word

The first eight mission teams to Kenya were supported by St Georges Community Church based in Somerset, England, and teams worked with local pastors Paul Agoro, Edward Wata, and bishop Nicholas Oloo. The Ulumbi Community Development Centre (UCDC) was eventually completed after years of fundraising, and is now a school during the week, a church at weekends, and is used as a training centre by the community. During our missions, we also use the centre for Alpha Courses.
In 2008, current Kenya Hope Charity chairman Brian Humphreys was baptised in the river Yala by Pastor Paul Agoro. Please click here for photos.

Child Sponsorship

We believe that one of the keys to overcome poverty is through education.

During our 2017 mission we visited schools in Ulumbi, Umina, Central Gem and North Gem locations with Pastor Paul Agoro, Bishop Nicholas Oloo and Pastor Edward Wata who has over 20 years experience of working with vulnerable children through his government-trained role of child protection officer. Every area contained poor families who struggled to afford the small school fees required to get their children educated and we decided that a child sponsorship programme could be a great blessing to the children, could help to strengthen schools, and would benefit the whole community.

We work in partnership with local churches because they understand their communities better than anyone. For child sponsorship details, click here.