“My name is Bravin Otieno. I am 10yrs old and live with my parents and 5 brothers. I thank God very much and I am very happy that I have been sponsored. I will work very smart at school so that I change the living standards of my family. I will build a good house for my parents so that we don’t live in church compound again. I desire being a Doctor and a Pastor in future so that I can also help other people. May God bless Kenya Hope Charity and my sponsor.”

On receiving the news of her sponsorship, Sharon Anyango, a form two girl at Sagam Secondary School was overwhelmed with joy. This is what she had to say:

“I am very happy. It is like a dream to me. Is it true that God has blessed me with a sponsor? I promise to work very smart at school. I want to be an accountant in the future.

I want to pray that God enables me to achieve my dream so I can help my father, my other two siblings and my grandmother. I am not happy seeing my father work as caretaker in someone’s home to feed us. I want to help him live a good life. May God richly bless my sponsor. This is all I can say. I still can’t believe it. I am very happy!”

From Paul Agoro – 20th August 2012


We thank God for the great things He has done through you. Truly your kindness and hard work has been known to all in our community. We thank God for St. Georges Church. Thank you for your prayers to uplift the poor and the needy. Through you prayers, Mama Dina, the blind lady opposite St. Ann’s church, has been built a permanent house.

We thank God for the 2012 team to Kenya and truly last words have strength .I think of the last words you shared with us before escorting you to the airport. These words inspire us to knock so that it would be opened unto us. (Mathew 7:7) Truly you have uplifted us in many ways. We are grateful for your love, support and prayers.

The Bible inspires us not to tire of doing good deeds for we would be rewarded for all our good deeds. May God bless you and lift you up together with your families.

Pastor Paul.

From: Paul Agoro  Date: 31 December 2012 09:23
To: Brian Humphreys, St Georges Church,

Receive much greetings from us with the hope that you had a nice Christmas. I humbly take this opportunity to thank you for the mighty things the Lord has done through your continuous love. Truly you have been a blessing to the needy such as the orphans and widows.

We appreciate for the support that you have bestowed on our nursery school, our youths and the church in general. Thank you for the support you have offered on the construction of the church as well.

We thank you very much for the X-mas parcel. It was wonderful to see the happy faces of those who received the gifts on Christmas Day. We want to encourage you to continue serving wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone according to his deeds.(Ephesians 6:7)

We pray that your love and mercy may abound more and more, for on judgment day the Lord won’t ask if you wore designer clothes, He’ll ask how many people you helped clothe. God won’t ask in what neighbourhood you lived, He’ll ask how well you treated your neighbours; He won’t ask about your skin colour, He’ll ask about the content of your character.

We wish you a happy New Year full of the Lord’s blessings upon your families.

Pastor Paul – on behalf of UCDC.

We give glory to God for what he’s doing through St. Georges. Thank you very much for sending goods to Edward and George together with bibles for UCDC. We appreciate God so much for St. Georges, for though being small, God always uses small things to glorify His name. In the bible He used David a small boy to glorify his name by killing Goliath. Judges 7:2 He used a small army to give his name glory. We are happy we received the gift certificate you sent.To Brian Humphreys 27/06/13

We are looking forward to receive you back to Ulumbi as usual and believe that God will protect you as He has always done. God has expanded our nursery school and we even have a new teacher. I believe you will see more when you come.

Pastor Paul Agoro

Email received: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 1:36

From: “Paul Agoro”

Hello Brian,

There is nothing as good as changing someone’s life for the better.

Please read the testimonies of people whose life has been touched by the support that they received from Kenya Hope Charity.

1 Richard – I want to thank God for your continuous support that I have been getting from Kenya Hope Charity.

2 Gordon –   I am very old and blind, I have nobody to support me. I thank God for the favour and mercy that I have got from the Charity.

3 Felesia – I had a very serious accident. I cannot walk and do my daily activities. The support I got from the Charity has changed my life and I am very grateful.

4 Josphine – I have spent five days without anything to put on the table. I lost hope in life. I want to thank the Charity for the support I got from them. I cannot forget to say thank you for the wheelchair I got from St Georges.

5 Milka – I am a blind lady. I want to thank God for the continued love that I have seen from Kenya Hope Charity.

6 Nyaseme –   I am a young widow left with four children to take care of. I have faced many challenges. Thank God for Kenya Hope Charity and their support.

7 Kefa. – I am a HIV victim. For eight years, life has been difficult, but I thank God for the support that I have got from the charity. I am praying that God may open many doors that many people can be supported.

A BIG thank you to all donors

To Brian Humphreys, 22/12/15


We take this opportunity to thank you for the kindness you have shown our community. Truly you have touched the lives of many since the beginning of the year. Sincerely you have been kind and generous to the needy in our community. We are very grateful for the continuous love, care and support that you have bestowed upon the nursery schools. Thank you for the love you have shown the Sunday school children. The concern you have shown has been a great inspiration in their lives. We also appreciate for the children whose lives you have touched at secondary school level.

Thank you also for the support you have shown us in moments of mourning and distress. You were a great blessing to us when brother Justo lost his wife. We will not forget to mention the blind, lame and all other needy people in our community and the hospital bills that you helped to clear alongside financing the repair of the school toilets and the guesthouse that was damaged by the long rains. The maize supply during the periods of famine has also been a great blessing to the entire community.

Above all, the community is very grateful for the measures that you have put in place to ensure that there is adequate food through the supply of fertilizer and seeds. We take this opportunity to thank all the friends who invested in Kenya Hope Charity and contributed in touching our lives in one way or another. The Bible says that he who gives will lack nothing: Proverbs 28:27.

All in all, we all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Amen.

Your Co-worker in Christ,

Pastor Paul.

To Brian Humphreys from Justo, 17/07/15

Hi to the entire friends in England,

I first take this opportunity to thank all the friends who participated either by prayers or giving for the funeral of my beloved wife who has now gone to rest with our Lord God.

I can say to you precious people of God that during the process of  budgeting for the funeral, it could reach a time i could be asked to give whatever i had at hand before even they start to contribute, but i thank God coz u stood with me up to the last minute. May the Lord God bless the work of your hands. Am kindly requesting for more prayers especially to the younger kids i am left with, Maryline Spencer 5rys and Benjamin18months old.

It is sometimes so painful especially to me when they ask me so many questions about their mum, like why their mum was buried. Indeed i started experiencing more challenges after the burial but i thank God in everything. God bless God bless God bless,

Your brother In Christ, Justo, Kenya.

22 July 2017

Hello Kenya Brian,

I sincerely take this opportunity to thank you for your love and dedication towards the well being of this community. Truly, this is a God-given burden in your heart. For this, I continually pray for God’s grace and favour upon your life.

The Kenya Team 2017 was a great team of men of God. The lord of spiritual maturity and wisdom as displayed by the team marvelled me. I learnt a lot from their life for the short period we intervened. Wisdom, humanity, wise teachings and many other things. The prophetic word from Paul really touched my heart. I have taken time in prayer over this revelation; WHEN HE SPOKE ABOUT A SPRING OF SPIRITUAL WATER FLOWING FROM THE FLOOR OF OUR COMMUNITY CENTRE TO THE ROAD AND THEN TO ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES.

As a leader, it’s easier to hear the wind blow, but you may not know where it is coming from or going to. It is my prayer that we do not trust our own wisdom and strength/abilities, but allow God’s will and plan for our centre to be accomplished.


Your co-worker, Pastor Paul

THE BEST LOAN EVER: Lloyd Obandah’s perspective

After I completed high school, I was on the verge of giving up on education had it not been for the Kenya Team 2011 Brian Humphreys and Benjamin Frake who visited my village of Ulumbi in ‘Y’town and paid for my university admission confirmation, and soon thereafter Brian, who my father fondly calls Mzungu, loaned me my first semester’s fees which he soon wrote off.

Having come from a rural public school where everyone has names like ‘Opiyo’ and ‘Oloo’, this place makes a nice change. It’s a uni – and uni spells money. The rich kid syndrome is so heavy in the air you can grasp it. In my former school, I was some sort of authority when it came to sophistication and stuff. Here, I’m an authority on country life, the shamba kid. Don’t get me wrong, the guys are great and there’s no discrimination but there’s the sense of “un-belonging” and it’s kind of eating at me.

Thank you for The Best Loan Ever, it jolted me awake, else I would still be languishing in the village.

God bless you mzungu Brian