In 2006, a team of 12 from St Georges Community Church (SGCC) installed a water supply in Ulumbi and villagers who worshipped in a small church shared their vision of wanting a larger building. Teams from SGCC led by Brian Humphreys returned for the next 7 years to make this vision a reality. In 2007 the foundations were laid, in 2008 the walls were built, in 2009 the roof was completed and 90 villagers turned out for the opening service in the now completed Ulumbi Community Development Centre (UCDC) that can hold up to 400 people. In 2010, window frames were fitted and about 40 pastors attended a 3 day Alpha Course (Christian teaching). Bishop Nicholas Oloo said that he had been praying for a pastor training programme. The UCDC was glazed in 2010, the walls plastered in 2011 and Alpha Courses were held during 2011, 2012 & 2013 missions.

Following the closure of St Georges Community Church in 2013, Brian began Kenya Hope Charity and continued supporting the poor with food and fertiliser distributions until, after registering the charity, he led a team back to Kenya in 2017 to continue helping the poor, supporting schools, and running 2 Alpha Courses. They also bought a cow for the village of Ulumbi so that even during times of drought, local nursery school children could at least receive a drink of milk.

Brian led teams to Kenya in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and after a 3yr break caused by the Covid 19 outbreak, he returned with lead minister Tom Yacomeni in 2022 and planted the 1,000th fruit tree into school compounds. Click here for photos and details of our tree nurseries and tree planting programme.