Pictured: Chairman Brian planting the 1,000th fruit tree in February 2022.

We began a tree nursery in Sawagongo in June 2018 to benefit more than 50 Kenyan youths. Locking Castle Church, a silver awarded ECO Church, joined forces with us to support the planting of 1,000 fruit trees in the grounds of schools in Kenya. This will help fight climate change, provide fruit supplements for school meals for future generations and provide employment and a purpose to many youths. The schools can choose from mango, paw-paw, banana, ornamental trees, timber trees and other environmentally friendly trees. Tom Yacomeni, lead minister of Locking Castle Church said, “it’s a win, win, win because we are caring for the planet, providing employment and loving others.”

Kenyan Pastor Edward Watta said: “our youths need to engage in spiritual, social, educational and practical activities that can help them develop into future responsible personalities. This project has enabled some to get some school fees and the project has helped engage the youth so that idleness and loitering was reduced.”

“We now support four tree nurseries,” explained chairman Brian Humphreys, “and have planted approximately 1,200 fruit trees towards our new target of 2,000 fruit trees by Christmas 2023. For just £10, we will plant 3 fruit trees into a poor family’s compound